V3 Of Our Coaching Platform

I'm excited to announce the launch of Hillspeed V3, the first iteration of our vision for a unified platform that is built around startup founders and their growth goals.

I founded Hillspeed Group in 2020 because performance technology and 'coaching' in business was lagging behind what existed in elite sports by 20 years. With Hillspeed V3, my team and I have created a unified platform for founders that raises the bar in startup specific coaching by considering not just how we coach founders, but also how founders make decisions that impact company velocity, trajectory and risk.

Traditional business coaching doesn't cut it for startup founders because it works around a founder's problem-set of their world today. Since the problems facing a startup are often fluid and constantly evolving, there is a greater risk that the problem the founder is currently focusing on may not require a solution at this moment in time. Founding a company is hard because you are always moving between what exists today and what needs to exist tomorrow before you can set in motion design decisions. The real challenge is how you build a team and company momentum in this environment that doesn't limit your growth trajectory.

That's why we focus on helping startup founders identify their growth opportunities and develop a strategic plan for achieving those goals. By doing so, we enable them to align their teams and advisors more effectively with their mission. Hillspeed V3 is an environment where we can test new ways of performance management with founders, helping them scale with more velocity and less risk by building foundational strength in their growth model. Our platform is built to help capable founders level up quickly with the help of a unified advisory group.